Better Ways To Sell!

Better Ways To Sell!

Some agents have introduced a number of concepts and innovations which they hope will impress you enough to sell your property through them, yet we do not believe that every apparent “tool” at an agent’s disposal is necessarily to your best advantage.

For example, some agents use virtual tours on their website, and on the surface this appears to be a reasonable and useful facility. However, we choose not to use virtual tours of our clients’ property on our website. This is because we do not believe that anyone will buy your property unless they actually step inside and have a look for themselves. The purpose of a website is to encourage buyers to contact us and, following our qualification procedure, subsequently view your home. Virtual tours can even prevent viewings as there appears to be no need for the buyer to physically visit your home.

Additionally, virtual tours often convey little, if anything, of the atmosphere that a property has to offer. Unfortunately, atmosphere is often the hidden “I’ll know it when I see it” quality to which buyers certainly do need to be exposed. Property details must be accurate. Images must be sharp and high-resolution. The narrative/words should be clear and concise. The details put up online must be done in such a way as to attract an interested party to make that call, fill in that form online and request a viewing. Because quite simply, unless you physically walk through a property, touch it, feel it if you will, you cannot tell whether it’s ‘home’. And that emotional connection is such an important part of buying property.

We also see other agents advertising other new and unique services to the market. These are packaged up as ‘the Island’s first ever…’ something or other, or, ‘the Island’s leading…’ Thing is, we’ve all see this type of marketing a million times before, whether it’s in property sales or for some kind of wonderfully unique new shampoo that you just have to try before the secret gets out. Smoke and mirrors. What we think you deserve is simple but effective marketing. Marketing that gets the job done efficiently and effectively. If Ronseal sold houses…..

One of our roles as your estate agent is to ensure that maximum numbers of qualified buyers actually visit your property, and this has been a key component of our success. I know I’d rather give my property to an agent who has a great record of getting buyers through your door, than to one who has tried to automate what remains essentially a people business! And how do you know if a particular agent does have a great record of selling in your area? Ask them, speak to them. Look at their website. Look around to see if their sold boards are up in your area. Take advice and listen to recommendations. Worth their weight.

So here’s the soft sell; why not put us to the test? We would love to help, wherever you are on the Island. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly property experts today on (01624) 645555.

Tim Groves
Black Grace Cowley


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