What to Expect when you’re Selling – Part 1 

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What to Expect when you’re Selling – Part 1 

As estate agents, our main focus is to do our very best for our client. Usually the seller but sometimes the buyer (rare on the Isle of Man). But what we are also doing is building relationships. Our end goal may be to make a sale or sign a lease, but we should not treat our client as simply another transaction. When we express genuine care to our clients, we’re opening the door to repeat business and referral business.

We live in a community here on the Isle of Man. In my view, a caring supportive and stunning environment. We’re all pretty lucky to live and work here to be honest. And we live in a very connected world. So expanding on what I wrote about last week about ‘being remarkable’, I want people to ask Black Grace Cowley’s past clients, “Is there an estate agent you would recommend?” And I hope that the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Here is what I believe you should expect from your estate agent when giving them your instruction to sell your home;

  1. That they value your time
  2. That they aren’t late for appointments
  3. That they actively listen to you. Listening is so important. And here’s the big one…..
  4. That they communicate regularly and manage your expectations. For example, if you ask a question or an offer is made, you should expect to know when you’ll have that all important feedback. To have an answer. Proactive communication builds trust

In my opinion, sellers should expect estate agents to meet the expressed and unexpressed wishes of their clients. What does that really mean? In a word; help. Here’s another word; advise. Your agent is part of your team. Your centre forward.

People don’t buy and sell homes on a regular basis – so even if they’ve purchased a home in the past, they tend to forget what it is all about. An agent’s role is to guide you through the process. To navigate the often choppy waters, holding the tiller to try and steer safe passage through the reef. These are sellers unexpressed needs. They don’t ask for this, it’s what should be a default offering, all part of the service.  I believe that a good estate agent acts as a sellers property “Sherpa” guiding them through the process – pointing out all the important steps – however experienced they may be.

We also have to be responsive to your expressed needs. We have to listen to what you want – there we go, listening again, told you it was important – and we have to be patient if/when you need help figuring out what you want. For example, if we show you the type of home you  asked to see but you don’t like any of them, we must pay close attention to your comments and feedback. Why? Simple, so we can try and help you find what it is you’re really looking for. A good estate agent asks leading questions that should help him or her unearth more specific information such as, “When you say the kitchen is a bit dated, are you referring to the lighting, the kitchen unit style or the flooring?” When an estate agent better understands their clients’ preferences, they set themselves up for greater success, both for their clients and personally. I think that’s what helps make them remarkable.

Tim Groves
Black Grace Cowley

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