Accompanied Viewings

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Accompanied Viewings

It’s your home. You’re second love (after your family of course!). I often say to my clients that they know their homes far better than anyone else. And that’s a vital consideration when instructing an agent to help you sell. And I don’t mean an online agent who simply lists your house, takes a (low) fee and hopes for the best before moving onto their next victim…..

When the time comes to sell your beloved home, where you’ve banked up so many fond memories, something that you’re emotionally connected to, you must trust the process to an experienced sales negotiator. It will significantly improve your chances of success. Just ask our clients. Well, most of them hopefully.

Why? It’s simple.

When a would-be buyer walks around a property for the first time they need to be able to feel relaxed, not pressured, and able to say what they really think. An agent is the perfect foil here. A seller being present doesn’t help. The simple fact of the owner being in the property at the time of the viewing creates the wrong atmosphere. An atmosphere that isn’t conducive to selling. Because buyers often clam up when the owner is present which impacts the success of a viewing.

Ok so you’ve passed first base. Your agent has called you with good feedback. A day or two later, he/she has called you again requesting a second viewing. Now it gets exciting. Now you start really thinking. It’s tempting to offer to be there in case the buyers ask ‘difficult questions only we know the answers to’. Please, for heaven’s sake don’t! The same rules apply here. It’s as per the first viewing. Pop out, take the dog for a walk and trust your agent. The second viewing is crunch time. This is either going to swing it your way or make up the buyers mind that your property isn’t quite what they’re looking for.

I always try to understand my client (the vendor), their position and reasons why they’re selling so that I can try and make sure I’m able to display the same to a would-be purchaser. It’s important too for a sales negotiator to understand who the buyers are, to try and empathise with their wants and needs. This is a skill that can be learnt, practiced and put to very good use for our customers. It’s this that helps bring buyers and sellers together, that hopefully brings you a successful sale. This doesn’t happen when viewings are unaccompanied or when sellers show their own properties. Unless you’ve very fortunate of course.

Someone I admire once told me (and I’ll quote him), “there is more to good estate agency than meets the eye.” He’s right, there is. And if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you or for any advice about your move, please get in touch by calling (01624) 645555 or via

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