BGC TV! As a landlord, how long am I tied into your contract?

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BGC TV! As a landlord, how long am I tied into your contract?

In terms of a fully managed agreement, then generally speaking, our contractual term with you as a landlord will match the length of the tenancy. If you’d like to know more, watch this video where Tim explains in more detail.


Okay, so our contracts for letting properties, they’re open ended, so what we won’t do as a firm is try to tie you as a landlord, as our customer, into contractual terms that you might consider onerous, unfair or unreasonable. If you trust us to look after your property –  let’s say, for example on a fully managed basis, you’re trusting us with one of your biggest assets. But you’re also trusting us to find you a tenant, to look after it, to manage it and to maintain it.
Generally speaking on a fully managed basis, if a tenant is for 12 months, our contract your term with you matches or mirrors the length of time the tenant is in occupation. If that tenant then chooses to renew after 12 months, quite often a slightly higher rent because of course, don’t forget, we are trying to make sure that we improve your asset and the revenue that it can generate. If that tenant continues for a further 12 months, well so naturally would our contract with you.
If at any time you as a landlord are not satisfied with our service, you can give us notice, you can give us choose to do and generally speaking, that’s between 14 and 28 days, but essentially, if you’re not happy with our service, we’re not again going to hold you to a contractual terms because it makes no sense for either of us to operate that way. But most of the time we find that tenants and as tenants roll over, as tenants renew their leases, so the relationship between agents and landlords continues.​

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