BGC TV! How can Black Grace Cowley help me find my new home?

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BGC TV! How can Black Grace Cowley help me find my new home?

At Black Grace Cowley we have various methods of contacting you when a property becomes available, get in touch and we can send you alerts as soon as we list something new.



At Black Grace Cowley anybody that gives us a call or walks through the door will all get the same Black Grace Cowley experience, doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a first-time buyer property, a second property, an investment property or a lifestyle million pound property. We’re here to help you find the house that you require. At Black Grace Cowley we have a range of services to help you find the property that you require. We can help you through emailing, through matching, through Facebook, through social media, newspaper, radio, lots and lots of different ways, but basically we work hard to find you your home. We can contact you like I say by email by a text and via Facebook, you can come to us say that you’ve seen our board perhaps sometimes you can see a board that says that it’s under offer we try and explain what that means we can add your name to our mailing list to be matched with something similar or if for whatever reason that property may not go through, we can then contact you to let you know that it’s come back on the market. A lot of people think if they see a board saying that it’s under offer that you know, it’s gone forever. 9 times out of 10 it will be, but we can add you to our list to be contacted in case it doesn’t because there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve missed out on your dream property but what we can say is that it is a bit cliche. you know, it wasn’t to be. But another house will come along that suits you perfectly and then we can help you find that property and view that property.

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