BGC TV! How can I prepare my home for letting?

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BGC TV! How can I prepare my home for letting?

Are you thinking about how you can prepare your property to rent? Start with the end in mind, what is the outcome you are trying to achieve? Think about the condition of the property and how to best maximise your rental return.


So to prepare your home for Letting, you really ought to look at it as objectively as you can – what are you trying to achieve, start off with the end in mind. So let’s take an example home, we’ve got a three bedroom semi-detached house in a popular residential estate on the outskirts of Douglas. We know, don’t we, that it’s going to find a tenant, people are going to want to live in it, but we want to make sure as your agent, and you as Landlord, that we maximise your rental return. Okay, so, look at it objectively – does it need to be decorated? Does it need replacement fixtures and fittings? Is the carpet a bit tired? Is any of it in a condition that you wouldn’t be happy with. If it is, then you can choose to do nothing, but we would have to adjust the expectation of rent relative to its condition.
If you feel that actually, if we replaced the bathroom the carpet or we redecorated the house in readiness for a tenant. If you thought in line with agents advice that actually that’s likely to secure you a better tenant at a market rent, then take the advice because actually that’s the advice we would give you because again – I go back to what we talked about previously – this is your asset, this is an investment, any of us that make any kind of investment are looking for the best return we can possibly get over the longest period of time. so if you prepare your home correctly, if you prepare your home in line with the advice the agent gives you, you’re going to stand yourself in far better stead of achieving those aims. I think it’s pretty straightforward stuff.​

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