BGC TV! – How the sales process works

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BGC TV! – How the sales process works

Always wondered exactly how the sales process works? In this installment of BGC TV, Tim tells us what happens throughout the sales process from the point you decided to have your house valued.




Okay, so you’ve asked us to come and give you our opinion of the value of your property, because you’ve decided you wish to sell it, you’re ready to go onto the market. Or perhaps you’re thinking of selling and you just want to understand what the market is doing at the moment, is it the right time for you?

So, we will come in, we’ll visit you, we’ll have a look at the property. We’ll go through the house, our opinion of value. We’ll always justify our opinion of value with comparable sales. So, that’s evidence of similar properties in similar locations, or types of house, that have sold, perhaps within the last six or nine months, that give us a fairly accurate picture of what the property market is doing.

We’ll then discuss your needs and what you’re looking to try to achieve. Are you looking for another property, yourself? Can we help you perhaps find that, as well? Once we’ve reached the stage where we’ve given you our advice, and hopefully you’re happy with that advice, you then instruct us to sell your home. That then starts a very systematic but very detailed process, of how Black Grace Cowley brings your house, apartment, your property, to the market, for sale.

So, initially, that process is another visit, where one of the agents will come around and measure the property. We’ll draw a floor plan and take all of the details of all of the rooms, note any features. Then we’ll start to put together those sales particulars. In addition, our professional photographer will usually come at the same sort of time, so as not to waste too much of our client’s time, and take fabulous, high resolution images.

Those two component parts are put together and we produce a set of sales particulars. We’re a marketing business, so we believe that your property should be put up on a pedestal, and it should look as good as it can possibly look, in order for us to, through our methods, through the ways in which we target buyers, get the very best we can for you. And, again, as evidenced with our success rate, in terms of the percentage of sale price to asking price that we achieve.

We then go away and, in the background, work our magic, put those two component parts together and create a set of sales details, that are very image-led, they very much appeal to the emotive, that make people look at those properties, those that we’ve targeted, who we think are the likely, or more likely, buyers of those homes. And it just- Try to make them resonate with them.

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