BGC TV! How will you market my home for rent?

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BGC TV! How will you market my home for rent?

We’re back for a new series! Rentals is up next and this video is all about how we would market your home to ensure it’s in the best position of securing a tenant!

Make sure to give it a watch to find out more!


Okay, so how we market a home for rent is very much like how we would do it if it was coming to the market for sale. An
agent will come and visit the property and give you advice on the market rental value of the home. Once that advice has been
taken and discussed and the landlords needs listened to, we follow a very very similar process, which is we measure up
the property, we draw up the floor plans, take the details and photographs and we then put those together which culminates in them going online on our website on the UK based portals that we link to which is Zoopla and and also then via our social media channels, which include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The property is essentially than advertised to would be tenants to the market and we then look through our systems to see who we have registered, who has expressed an interest in renting that particular type of property within that price range, in that location, we put all of this together, and it provides a very comprehensive marketing package for landlords who wish to use us as their agent.​

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