BGC TV! What do I need to think about before I buy my first home?

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BGC TV! What do I need to think about before I buy my first home?

The start of a new series! First Time buyers – this one’s for you. Susan talks us through what you need to consider before taking the steps to buy your first home.




As a first time buyer, basically what you need to think about is the area that you want to buy in, most importantly, and then you need to identify which part of the scheme, the first time buyer scheme – there are two pathways basically so you need to then work out a budget planner – how much funds you have, go and see an independent financial adviser or your own bank and then just take it from there. So you’ve identified the area that you want to buy in, what you need to do next is come to Black Grace Cowley – come and have a chat with us, come into the office. We can register you on our system. We’ve got lots of properties available and what we can do is tailor your requirements specifically to the properties that we have and the properties we’re about to list – if that’s in a couple of months time or in the future. And in the meantime, what we would recommend is that you keep saving towards your deposit. The more deposit you can have the better, especially for the first time buyers scheme. We can email alert you, we can text alert you, we can ring, you can see things on Facebook, social media and as soon as a property comes on that you want to see give us a call, email or vice versa and we’ll get you around to view the property as soon as possible. There is one thing that I’ll point out for the first time buyer market and any property say under £200,000 – they are very popular, very sought after, highly highly in demand so as soon as you can make contact with us and vice versa, the best to get you around because they do move very very quickly.

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