BGC TV! What is included in a fully managed service?

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BGC TV! What is included in a fully managed service?

As a landlord, it’s so important to know that your agent takes a proactive approach when managing your property. In this video, Tim talks through everything that is included when you sign up to a fully managed service.

So with fully managed, a fully managed service, Black Grace Cowley provide a 24/7, 365 days a year emergency call out number. We essentially view it as our own property. So if it’s Christmas Eve, everywhere closes at midday and the washing machine goes, you can call us and we’ll do our level best to find a solution. I think, again, that’s pretty important because as a landlord, the last thing you really want to be doing is being called out at times or been called at times that are inconvenient for you. You might be out for supper, it might be a Bank holiday, you could be away, you could be abroad.
Putting it in our hands gives you peace of mind that things will get dealt with, things that always tend to happen when you last or least need them to happen. So, the comprehensive managed service means that we’re on call, we are there all of the time. So essentially – we collect the rent, we hold the deposit, we inspect the property regularly we report to you regularly. We have a pool of preferred contractors we trust that have a track record of delivering a value for money service and also crucially doing the jobs that we ask them to do well, so as when repairs, maintenance, replacement of washing machines or any other consumables are required during a tenancy, we’re able to affect that quickly efficiently and easily.
All things that we take off you as the landlord – we are responsible for it, not you. Meaning that essentially you have a trusted partner because I think that’s a crucial thing here too, that we, Black Grace Cowley is a trusted partner of the landlord to ensure that your home, your asset, your investment is protected because this is not just managing on a reactive basis, when a tenant says you know, I’ve got a problem, can I do this? Can I do that? This is this is asset management. This is making sure that your property, that you’ve invested a lot of money in is maintained so that the potential income it can generate, the revenue, the return that you bought it for is also maintained, protected and I would hope improved over the long term.​

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