Buy (or sell) first – Part 2

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Buy (or sell) first – Part 2

My second article in a mini-series of three that attempts to help answer some pretty difficult property related questions aims to help you decide whether you should start looking for a new home before you’ve listed your own property or, whether you should wait until you’re in a much more favourable positive position having secured solid interest in your own potential sale.

I often meet would be buyers who have decided they might like to move. Between themselves, they decide that now is the time to start viewing property for sale. It feels right. But is it the right time?

One of the fundamentals of a good estate agent is their ability to ‘qualify’ who they’re talking to, in this case, the potential buyer. And understanding what stage of the buying process they’re at is pretty important for many reasons. For many sellers, having a potential buyer around their home that isn’t (really) in a position to progress relatively swiftly isn’t that helpful because even if they absolutely love the property, they cannot move forwards. Frustrating for all concerned.

If, however, said buyer has a sale agreed or is under offer pending survey etc, the sell side is naturally more open to discussing the nitty gritty with them. In essence, a buyer who is in a better position to move forwards is taken far more seriously than one who isn’t.

If a buyer is on the market, having viewings, and very much committed to the process of selling to enable them to buy on them that too is what I would call a positive commitment. Sure people can change minds, but buyers should take comfort from that. They may even be in the same position themselves, unable to buy forwards until they’ve sold too.

So really, if you’re looking to buy a new home, and like most of us have to sell first, to sell before you can really commit, then at the very least show commitment to the process, get listed with a good agent who will generate viewings and get you sensible offers. If you’re already some way down that road then good for you, you’re almost the perfect customer.

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