House hunters take just 8 mins to decide to buy

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House hunters take just 8 mins to decide to buy

It takes just 8 minutes for a purchaser to know whether they will go ahead with buying a home. Six in 10 adults will make their decision not to buy before even stepping through the front door – after just 4.5 minutes of standing outside.

In contrast, 15% of homeowners say they make the decision to purchase before even stepping inside, while 18% have bought the first home they saw. Research also says that when viewing a property online, the average person takes 8 minutes to choose whether to visit or not – as long as the advert is authentic. The average house-hunter requires only 2 visits on average to choose a new home, but not before seeing nearly 40 other properties; 28 online and 10 in person.

When viewing properties online, six in 10 say they find it impossible to see how big the rooms are, and 49% can’t tell how light they are. More than one in 10 complain they can’t tell the colour of rooms from static pictures, and 52% find it difficult to tell how overlooked a property is. A third of people would welcome the opportunity to see if their furniture would fit the space, while 36% want a clear view of the layout of the rooms when looking at a property online.

Listings are crucial to a home selling quickly – they need to be accurate, detailed representations of a property. Listed are the top 15 things that immediately put buyers off:

1. Finding out the house is on a busy road with lots of parked cars
2. No kerb appeal whatsoever!
3. Obvious damp patches / cracks on the walls
4. Dirty / untidy / cluttered rooms
5. The smell of smoke / pets
6. Peeling or dirty paint on the walls
7. Awkward layouts
8. Terrible DIY
9. The gardens / house are overlooked
10. An outdated bathroom (coloured suite) or kitchen
11. Bathroom with no shower
12. Low ceilings and dark rooms
13. Overgrown gardens
14. A bright or scruffy front door
15. Wheelie bins in front of houses / overflowing bins

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