How to ensure a stress-free House move quickly and easily

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How to ensure a stress-free House move quickly and easily

If you, like many of our clients, have recently sold your property you’d be forgiven for wondering quite what to do next. It’s a minefield out there and one that with careful negotiation, you can easily navigate your way towards a stress-free completion. For us, the sales process is more than just listing your house and negotiating a sale. We’re with you until completion (and often beyond) so please have a read through some of these essential considerations you’ll need to bear in mind once you’ve agreed a sale this Spring;

  1. Financials – don’t forget to tell your bank/building society you’ve sold. You may have a mortgage (in which case you have to advise them) or you may be lucky enough to own your home outright. You’ll also need to advise credit card companies, loan companies, pensions/investment providers etc. of your change of address too.
  1. Insurance – your home and its contents will be insured. When selling/moving, you’ll need to update your broker and discuss any changes to the policy – this is generally done at exchange of contracts if you’re buying a new property but if your selling, then it’s just as crucial that you keep these providers up to date with your move arrangements. Your car too and any other relevant insurance policy providers will need to be notified.
  1. Utilities – gas, electricity, oil, phones/mobiles, broadband and subscription TV services are all going to need to be contacted and advised of your change in circumstances.
  1. Health – advise your Doctor and Dentist, register with a new practice if needs be, and don’t forget to let the Vet know too. 
  1. Miscellaneous – there’s lots of other important items to consider here, from your children’s school/college, to your employer, your gym, sports and social clubs, the public library or any subscriptions you or a family member may have. There’s always something we forget – in my case, I forgot to tell Tesco I’d moved and after 18 months of continued shopping (without vouchers) I got in touch and had a small windfall – happens to the best of us! 

The above isn’t exhaustive and of course you can re-direct your mail but it comes at a cost. Being organised saves you money in the long term even though its often time consuming when there is so much more demanding your attention.

My advice? The devil is in the detail and if we can help, we’d be happy to.

You can download our handy ‘Key Contacts Checklist’ from our website –

Happy selling!

Tim Groves
Black Grace Cowley
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