Fewer people, but far more buyers!

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Fewer people, but far more buyers!

The latest Isle of Man Census has just been released. Our core working population has apparently fallen by 2,000 people – that’s some number.

But let’s look at this through Black Grace Cowley’s eyes for a second…..

It’s early Spring. And house sales are up. Not just marginally, but significantly.

We have seen a huge increase in our sales over the last 6-9 months, not just in 2017 like some Agents. It’s fantastic news for all of our sellers, our buyers and the Island.

So, let’s put some numbers out there;

I don’t mind sharing with you that between 1 Jan 2017 to date (68 days) we have sold 44 properties at an average 95.7% of the asking prices! From a team of 4 people, that’s sensational – I’m really proud of our team!

Our last sale was perhaps one of the most interesting.

A superbly presented two bedroom end terrace in a popular residential estate in Douglas – Sold within 7 days of listing at 97.6% of the asking price and most importantly, for £19,000 more than another local agent valued it at!!!

That’s what our sellers want – fantastic results. And quickly. At prices as close to asking as possible.

So, we now need more stock at all levels, particularly under £500,000.

Look out for the now infamous BGC ‘Spring Offer’ – starting tomorrow! You’ll love this one.

Keep an eye on Black Grace Cowley’s Facebook page, our shop window and listen to Manx Radio for more details.

Or just call/email us – 01624 645555 / info@blackgracecowley.com

Remember, people buy by COMPARISON.

Your property needs to be the most attractively priced of its type in the market so that it becomes more SALEABLE than the competition.

You have to offer the best VALUE available.

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