Don’t settle – You shouldn’t have to

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Don’t settle – You shouldn’t have to

Have you ever settled for something?

Compromised on quality, perhaps as a result of not having the time or energy to really push for what you want, for what you more than likely deserve, particularly if you’re paying a fee or bill for a product or service provided?

Me too.

But it didn’t make me feel great. I found myself thinking ‘what if…’ or ‘if only…’

Service is so important. So too in property sales is presentation. In fact in this day and age it’s absolutely critical to success. It makes the difference. Yet I see so much out there in the market that doesn’t hold the same values true. I see average. And averagely presented houses find themselves taking longer than the average to sell and often sell for less!

Why settle for poor, grainy images and photographs?

Why accept a lack of detail?

Why compromise when a floor plan is critical?

Isn’t the answer to all is simple? You shouldn’t. You should expect more. You should expect your Agent to sell your house as if it’s his/her own. To present it beautifully. To put it on a pedestal and to make it shine.

An Estate Agent should get you thinking – can he/she sell my home? You will probably ‘buy’ into the one that you think is the most remarkable, much like when you’re choosing a new camera or phone. You’ve done your research, you’ve asked your friends, and then you’ve made an informed choice.

Someone told me that being remarkable doesn’t mean offering pointless gimmicks or stunts to grab people’s attention. And they were right. It’s about consistency; so shouting about one thing just doesn’t cut it.

In my opinion, it’s about trying to be the best in your niche in your industry by offering the best possible service you can, giving your clients what you hope to be genuine advantages / real benefits over the competition. In an authentic manner. No gimmicks as I said.

I recently read a book by Daniel Priestley who’s view on what being remarkable is is pretty straightforward; he suggests that when people ask “Who should I buy from?” that it should be your name that should come up. I guess that’s what every Estate Agent wants too – your mandate to sell your home.

But my advice? Don’t settle. You shouldn’t have to.

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