“Scruffy is the new Smart!”

“Scruffy is the new Smart!”

There is a lot of talk and numerous TV programmes about home improvement and the benefits of presenting your property at its best when the time comes to sell.

However, if you are thinking of selling and your property is not necessarily the prettiest in the street, or perhaps it is a bit tired, needs new carpets, redecoration etc, there’s no need to despair. Indeed, forking out thousands of pounds on improvements prior to a sale is not always the right thing to do and can even be money down the drain in some instances.

The reason is that those very “Grand Designs” TV programmes that focus on home improvement have prompted many people to want to buy a property that actually needs work – so much so that we have a huge demand from buyers who are looking for a “scruffy” property! These people have found a confidence from watching others renovate property to the extent that they want a project of their own.

Properties which are structurally sound, with no damp and a good roof and window frames, but which need a bit of TLC are perfect for these buyers, who typically want to “do their thing” but without major expense, risk or inconvenience.

So before you head for the DIY store you might just want to ask us along to comment on current demand if you’re thinking of selling. You might be in for a surprise and a considerable saving.

No obligation of course, just sound, straight-talking advice. Please feel free to contact us on 01624 645555

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