BGC TV! – Selling your house? Unmissable top tips from Tim Groves!

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BGC TV! – Selling your house? Unmissable top tips from Tim Groves!

Do you need advice on selling your house? In this video Tim Groves provides tips on the best way to get your house ready to sell. From preparing to go on the market and listing your house to getting ready for viewings, make sure you have everything covered!






How do you prepare your home for sale? Well, it’s very logical and it’s a common sense approach. We’re a marketing company, we have to put your property on a pedestal, in order to make it stand out. You have to help us do that, by simple things. Decluttering, decorating where necessary, tidying. It’s all about presentation. If it looks good, it’s going to appeal to your potential buyer, more so than if it doesn’t. So, in terms of preparing your home for sale, there are some very simple, straightforward, tips, hacks, howsoever you want to describe them. But, essentially, presentation is key. I always liken it to if you wanted to sell your car and you put a classified advert in, and I gave you a ring, “Pop around, 10:30am on a Saturday morning.” Would you wash it, before I turned up? Would you give it a clean? The answer is yes. And it’s the same with selling a house, you’re trying to make it stand out.

Presentation is absolutely key, it’s the single most critical element of the entire process I think in terms of works, that you might or might not do to a property, it depends entirely upon what they are. If you have a bathroom that has a cracked sink, tiles falling off a wall, then yes, repair them. Perhaps consider replacing the bathroom. If you have very minor scuff marks on walls, decorate them. Again, it goes back to how do you wish your house to be presented? What standard are you happy with? Because, as agents, we will always err on the side of as good as it can get, as good as it can be, because that helps us achieve your price.

You come to us as a seller, with a desired price, you’re looking to achieve X amount because you have needs, you want to move on, you want to be able to afford something else, however that might work. Regardless of the type of works that may or may not be required, I would always say do as much as you can. But you’ve got to be very careful, there is a fine balance. Replacing kitchens and bathrooms in their entirety, just to sell, is not always necessary. But, again, each property on its individual merit. Discuss that with the agents. Talk to them. The agents will have an acute understanding of what is and isn’t necessary, once they’ve seen the property.

When you’ve asked Black Grace Cowley’s agents to come to the property, and you’ve got any worries or concerns about works that you may, or you think you may, need to do, talk to us about it. Because, quite simply, we understand it, so we can help you, and we can advise you as to what is probably the right thing to do and what isn’t perhaps necessary. If we can save you money pre-sale, or during that sale process, we will do, because it’s in your interests, and therefore our own. But, by the same token, if we think something should be done to help you sell, to improve your chances of getting a sale, then we’ll advise you of that, too.



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