It shouldn’t happen to an estate agent…

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It shouldn’t happen to an estate agent…

There are always good stories doing the rounds in our business. Or at least we tend to think so. Stories that get handed down from older hands to the younger guys and girls in the businesses. Stories that we often then tell to friends down the pub or at dinner – anecdotes that we find funny; things that shouldn’t really happen to an estate agent.

The very nature of our line of work means that we are in a trusted position and with each viewing we do a vendor is inviting us, and viewers, into a very personal and private space – their home. Any names, places, locations in this article have, of course, had the names changed to protect the innocent.

So, a time-served agent called Matt was asked to value a property on an estate at a time when everything was flying off the shelf. It was boom time for the local property market and economy. Matt drove into the estate, parked his BMW, knocked on the door and introduced himself – the elderly vendor let him in and he carried out the inspection with them walking round with him. He then thanked them, asked a few questions about rates, alterations etc and then gave the two very bemused pensioners and their cat called Trevor his opinion of the value of their home. As he shut the door and walked back to his 3 series, he realised he had valued completely the wrong house!

It’s only fair that we always knock on a front door before entering a house. Or ring the doorbell at the very least….just in case.

Sometimes though, you simply don’t expect a property to be occupied when doing viewings. It has been known for vendors or tenants to forget we are coming and either be in the shower or in a state of undress or, sometimes, in a compromising position!

Once, during a viewing, a fresh-faced young negotiator called David entered a secluded cottage in the north of the island and as he opened the front door in mid-flow to the would-be new owner he didn’t notice the trail of clothes leading from the porch across the open-plan lounge and into the dining room. Red faces all round that day!

To add a tinge of celebrity to this article a Manx born internationally renowned entertainer and his wife came back to live in the Isle of Man and initially decided to rent a property whilst they looked for suitable home for them and their children. Having given them some details, the estate agent arranged to meet them at a potentially suitable rental on Glencrutchery Road not far from the start of the TT Course. Being slightly over excited having such famous potential clients, the agent was keen not to make a mistake by doing everything he could to show both the property and himself at their very best. As they walked into the imposing hall way the agent, who had been over the property before, said: ‘ I’ll quickly show around the ground floor and then you can wander around at your leisure. You can then ask me any questions you might have before we do the same upstairs.’ And standing back he announced: ‘Now this is the sitting room.’ He opened the door with a flourish and showed them into the hall cupboard! Against his expectations, they actually leased the house and he’s kept in touch with them to this day.

Estate agency is one of the most rewarding careers in my humble opinion, and sometimes, just sometimes you get some real gems.

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Black Grace Cowley
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