Thinking of selling your house in 2019? Here’s what you need to know

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Thinking of selling your house in 2019? Here’s what you need to know

• What’s my house / property worth?
• How is it going to be marketed?
• Will I receive detailed, honest feedback?
• How much will I get and what will it cost me?

So, given you’ve some pretty important questions, how do you go about getting the answers?

1. Call estate agents 

Speak to estate agents and talk to at least three of them. Ask each agent to give you their opinion of the market value and what they propose as a listing price. Each agent should be able to justify the
prices provided using supportive sales of similar properties. Then ask the agent to present a comprehensive marketing plan that explains what they’ll do to market your home. How are they going to sell it? What service will you receive? Be sure to ask what their fees will be at this point.

2. How should you price your home?

Don’t select an agent based on the sales price he or she suggests. Some will try to overbid each other to get the listing – I’ve seen them do so for as little as £5,000 on an asking price! The message; do not overprice. Remember, homes that are overpriced often sell for less than market value…if they sell at all.

3. How should you prepare your home for sale?

Compare suggestions and consider accepting the most sound advice, but you’ll generally want to remove any bulky, excess, or worn out furniture. Stick extra stuff in the garage or in a private storage unit, or just throw it out if it’s in really bad shape. Give the place a good clean.

4. Should you make repairs before selling?

Not all repairs will pay off, so take advice. Your agent should know what will be worth spending money on, if at all. If you’re tempted
then kitchen and bathroom improvements tend to provide the best returns. Ask for professional guidance or you might spend more on things you really don’t need to ‘fix’. Although you don’t want to
spend a lot of money making improvements, you do want to repair obvious maintenance issues.

5. What about presentation for viewings?

Great presentation is not difficult. It’s often time consuming but presenting your home in such a way as to give potential buyers that warm, fuzzy, I-want-to-live-here feeling is very important.

Move furniture—what’s left after you got rid of the bulky stuff—to make rooms look larger or cosier. Add throw rugs, pillows, or
artwork in colours that tend to elicit a positive psychological

Get the lighting just right. And don’t forget the exterior.
Add a few potted plants, and dress up your front door so your house says, ‘Welcome! Come in!’ And when you do get viewings,
make sure your agent gives you detailed honest feedback.

Remember, a potential buyer’s comments about your house and their experiences on a viewing will help you sell it.

I hope this advice has been beneficial to you and if you’re thinking of selling and you’d like to know what your house is worth, please give us a call  on (01624) 645555 or say

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