What about the Children?

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What about the Children?
Showing your home to prospective purchasers can be stressful enough, but children add an extra dimension, and their needs should be considered.   
Moving house might be logical and exciting for an adult, but the fear of the unknown can be upsetting for children. That room or corner of the garden that has been their special place for most of the child’s life is about to be taken away from them, as they are rocketed out of their comfort zone into unknown territory. Selling a home is stressful enough as it is. Throwing kids into the mix just ramps up that stress level even further. There are always challenges when selling a house. Some of these challenges—like determining what price to put on your home – are universal. Yet others, like selling a home when you have children, are unique to only certain sellers.
Recent research revealed that the top three moving worries for parents were:
Packing up the house
How children will cope with the change
Settling into the new house
After you have made the decision to move, we advise informing the kids of your plans well in advance of the actual for sale sign going on the lawn. Parents have a distinct desire to protect their children from upset or strife. It may be tempting to avoid talking about selling the home with your kids. They are certain to find out one way or another and being up front with them will enable you to manage the process better and stay in control.
Parents nevertheless need to be sensitive when discussing the move, and make a point of highlighting the exciting aspects of a new home. Ask your child what they would like to find in their ideal home. They don’t have to have a major influence on your decision, but their apparent involvement in the process will pay dividends. Although it’s a stressful time, keeping things positive will have an impact on your children. Try not to pack all of their things away too early and make sure to let them choose their favourite things to keep out.
If your children regard the move as a positive thing they are more likely to be co-operative when buyers come to view your property. A stress-related temper-tantrum as the buyer walks through your door is to be avoided at all costs! Indeed, no matter how sweet your children may be, they are more likely to be a distraction to a prospective buyer than an advantage. So our respectful advice is this: as it can be quite distracting for the buyer when children are in the house whilst there’s a viewing, why not go for a walk and get some fresh air with the kids (and the dog!). A viewing will only last 30-45 minutes so not long in the grand scheme of things.
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