BGC TV! Buy to Let – Why should I come to Black Grace Cowley?

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BGC TV! Buy to Let – Why should I come to Black Grace Cowley?


We have a lot of experience in the buy to let market here at Black Grace Cowley so come and talk to us to help you decide the best path for you!

So Black Grace Cowley have got 25 years of experience in the property market on the Isle of Man. Buy to let’s been a constant throughout that period. It’s shown both rental returns for clients, but also capital growth across that period of time, that’s not always guaranteed, but the historical property price index has always moved in an upward directions.
Black Grace Cowley have always been involved in that market. We’ve got a breadth of experience in all areas and all sectors of the marketplace and also the technical knowledge to ensure that your statutory compliance matters are dealt with comprehensively. So hopefully it becomes a relatively stress-free investment decision for you.
You can get hold of us obviously by looking on our website  or alternatively, I think possibly better, give our team a call on 01624 645555 an the Lettings team will be very happy to talk to you about any aspect of property management and buy to let investment.​

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