BGC TV! Is Buy to Let right for me?

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BGC TV! Is Buy to Let right for me?

In this new series of BGC TV, Andrew Wallis helps you figure out whether buying to let is something that could work for you.



So, buy to let, many people are familiar with buying properties and houses so buy to let I suppose to some other investments is quite familiar to people. They can see the house, they can touch it, they can understand what they’re investing in. We often realise that people rent properties, it’s quite a buoyant rental market these days in the economy, so it’s often a good first foray into the investment market. If it’s right for you really depends on your attitude to risk, whether you’re happy with your money set in a bank earning very secure but little interest or you want to do something a bit more risky that gives you greater return and potentially some capital growth. So it really depends on your own attitude towards investment and risk and really whether you’re content with investing in the property market.

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