BGC TV! What is the current state of the market?

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BGC TV! What is the current state of the market?

Andrew explains what is is currently like to purchase property to let out for commercial or residential use.


So at the moment the property market in relation to buy to let’s is very popular. It’s very busy. There’s a lot of interest in terms of companies relocating to IT and often those people aren’t sure from day one that they want the island for e-gaming and an to make a commitment to purchase property so they’ll often get involved in the rental market to start off with. That means there’s plenty of people looking for property and plenty of demand for a two bedroom, one bedroom apartments in Douglas,  but Island wide there’s a great deal of interest in property so we can let property in the centre of town or conversely, we’ve got large rural properties with land. We’ve got people involved in all sectors of the market looking for all different things so at Black Grace Cowley over 25 years there’s been a wide variety of property people tend to tenant and let in the market place.

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