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Top 10 tips for an easier sale

Well, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring at the moment. However, it’s always important to be prepared and never more so then when trying to sell your home. Many estate agents suggest that vendors should undertake an ‘MOT’ on their property before selling – I agree. And here are my top 10 tips: First Impression – […]

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Five Top Tips for Buy-to-Let Investors

From unreported maintenance and subletting, to pets without permission and the late payment of rent, a troublesome tenancy can quickly turn your buy-to let property dream into a costly nightmare. Stop potential problems before they start with these five simple steps towards an investment happy ever after. 1. Behind closed doors A visit to the […]

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It shouldn’t happen to an estate agent…

There are always good stories doing the rounds in our business. Or at least we tend to think so. Stories that get handed down from older hands to the younger guys and girls in the businesses. Stories that we often then tell to friends down the pub or at dinner – anecdotes that we find funny; things that shouldn’t really happen […]

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